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Best Top Freezer Refrigerator

What makes the best top freezer is very personal, but the basic requirements of quality and durability should always be there first. When people think of refrigerators, it’s top freezer models that come to mind. The design of refrigerators began with freezers at the top, and up to this day that’s still the most traditional and common layout. Having frozen goods stored at the top basically means keeping ice cream away from the reach of kids. Consider these best top freezer refrigerator models:


What is the Best Top Freezer Refrigerator to Buy?

Frigidaire FFHT2117L Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFHT2117LW 20.5 Cubic Foot Top Freezer Refrigerator with Store-More Organization System and, White

Sticking to the sleek and modern monochromatic palette, this model comes in either black or white, either of which should suit the interior of most kitchens. The fridge includes sliding glass shelves for you to store food items inside the fridge. Moreover, you’ll have humidity-controlled crispers within which to store produce such as fruits and vegetables. There’s also a separate cool zone drawer in the fridge, which you could use to store meat separately from other foodstuff to keep storage hygienic and to prevent the spread of bacteria. Thanks to the gallon door bin, you’ll be able to keep large bottles and milk cartons neatly with ease.

According to reviews, this unit arrived in proper packaging, with all components and parts in order. It wasn’t too difficult to put together, although you might consider consulting a professional when in doubt. Once set up, the fridge offered solid and consistent performance, working well to keep food fresh at the right cool temperature. Customers were also pleased at the quality of the construction, saying that the materials used were durable and solid.

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Frigidaire FFTR1817LW Top Freezer Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFTR1817LW 18.2 Cu. Ft. White Top Freezer Refrigerator

Also by the same company as the unit reviewed above, this fridge is 66 inches in height, making it suitable for most family homes. In an effort to help you organize and store your things, a gallon bin door has been incorporated into the design, along with crisper drawers and an adjustable door bin. You’ll also be able to sort out and customize the way you store your food and drinks using the glass shelves, which can be removed and adjusted according to varying heights. Meanwhile, the freezer shelf comes with a freezer rack that is the same width as the rest of the fridge, so don’t worry about running out of space for your frozen foods. Much like the above model, this fridge comes with a cool zone drawer and a gallon door shelf.

Customers agree that this fridge offers prospective buyers good value, especially since it has been designed to make the most out of the available interior space. It is large enough to suit most users, and is of great quality. The storage spaces are handy, and reviewers liked the fact that they could adjust the glass shelves and the gallon door space. Perhaps the only gripe users had was that the fridge was quite noisy, but noise levels were not unbearable nor out of the ordinary.

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LG LTC24380ST Top Freezer Refrigerator

LG LTC24380ST 23.73 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator – Energy Star

At 69 inches high, this fridge is the largest of the three models on review. Made of stainless steel, a highly durable and rust-proof material, this fridge should be solid and long-lasting. Since it has been listed by Energy Star, you’ll be pleased to note that this model is energy efficient, saving you lots on bills in the long run. When you open the fridge door, the LED backlighting will illuminate the interior of the fridge, showing its contents. Moreover, the pantry door in the fridge section slides out smoothly and efficiently.
Customers said that this fridge was alright on the whole. However, they noticed that the fridge did not work as well one year on. In particular, the lights tended to give out and blinked periodically when the fridge was opened. Also, the fridge did not store food at a stable and consistent temperature.

Buying the Best Top Freezer Refrigerator

Having considered the pros and cons of each model, we’ve decided to go for the Frigidaire FFTR1817LW Top Freezer Refrigerator because it offers the best value and quality. The best top freezer is a long-term investment, so it’s well worth considering a few options before making your decision.

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