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Best Portable Fan

The best portable fan brings relief and comfort while you’re away from home. Lightweight, compact yet powerful and effective, a good portable fan delivers cool streams of air to keep you comfortable in hot weather, wherever you are. Most portable fans can be operated using electricity or battery power, so you won’t have to be close to a power source for them to work. They should also be light enough to carry around without difficulty, and compact enough to not take up lots of space. Whether you’re going camping, or just want a fan for your dorm room, consider one of these three options:


What is the Best Portable Fan to Buy?

Honeywell HT-908

Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator Floor/Table Fan, HT-908

This portable fan can be placed on the floor to work as a floor fan, or propped on a desk to work as a table fan. The blades are meant to be up to 30% quieter than other fans of this type, leading to quiet and smooth operation that will guarantee a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a secondary cooling unit to use alongside air-conditioning in the home, this models will save you up to 22% on energy bills. This fan offers three speeds, and is capable of generating air movement to a distance of 32 feet. Moreover, the front grill can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. Take note that it works at 120 volts.

According to customers, this fan is incredibly powerful, cooling down large spaces quickly. Even on the lowest setting, it delivers cool streams of air. What’s more, it’s incredibly quiet, to the point that customers barely noticed it was working. Other plus points include the overall look and quality of the make, which customers said looked and felt really solid. A few customers disagreed, saying that the fan was not powerful enough for their needs, or that it was too loud. More worryingly, people said that the fan broke down or stopped working within half a year, which indicates that durability might be a concern.
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O2-Cool Portable Fan

10″ Portable Fan, Can Use Batteries or Adapter

This fan has a diameter of 10 inches, and weighs less than 3 pounds (excluding the adaptor and batteries), making it lightweight and compact to pack with you and to carry around. To maximize space, the fan can be folded flat, making it easier to transport and to store. Pop in alkaline batteries and the fan will work for up to 72 hours. Alternately, plug in the AC/DC adaptor for use indoors or if you have access to a power source. There is the option of puchasing either a single pack, or a pack of two fans, the latter of which offers better value.

This fan folds up nicely, and can be packed for camping or vacations. It is simple and easy to set up. Customers agreed that it was quiet, and did not give out disruptive sounds while in operation. They also appreciated the fact that batteries and the adaptor were included with the fan unit, adding value and sparing them the inconvenience of having to purchase the spare parts separately. Some users were greatly disappointed because they said they had received the wrong product. In some cases, fans of different colors were delivered, while in more serious scenarios the fan arrived without any hooks as advertised. Generally speaking, however, the fan was a hit with reviewers, and many customers would recommend it.

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O2-Cool Battery Operated Portable Fan

O2cool 5″ Battery Operated Portable Fan X 2

Made by the same manufacturer as the above model, buy these fans in a pack of two or a pack of four, depending on how many you’ll need. The five blades have a diameter of 5 inches, which should give the fans sufficient reach. There are two speed settings to choose from, both of which should deliver a consistent stream of cool air. Although these fans are only battery-operated, unlike the above model which works with an adaptor as well, they have a battery life of up to 55 hours with 2 D batteries. To save space and to remain as compact as possible, the fans can be folded up flat and tucked away into any little space or corner.

Reviewers overwhelmingly agreed that these fans worked great, particular in power outage situations. They were powerful, even on the lowest setting, and very reliable. Furthermore, customers said that the fans worked quietly, without making much noise. People were also surprised at how long the batteries lasted, as the battery life completely exceeded their expectations. A handful of customers complained that the fans were too noisy or were not powerful enough, but these were a clearly minority and do not take away from the positive experience that other reviewers have had.
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Buying the Best Portable Fan

Two is better than one, and that’s exactly what the O2-Cool Battery Operated Portable Fan demonstrates. The best portable fan is your best friend when you need instant cool air on a hot day.

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