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Best Pedestal Fan

The best pedestal fan should be a strong, solid fan that is well made and durable. Since you’re likely to use the fan every day in your home or office, it should also be accessible and easy to use. A pedestal fan, as its name suggests, is tall enough to stand on the floor, cooling the room. Most models tend to have oscillating functions as well, although this mode can be switched off so that circulation is maintained at a particular spot. Here are three top rated pedestal fans for you to choose from:


What is the Best Pedestal Fan to buy ?

Lasko 1843 Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Lasko 1843 Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan, 18-Inch, Black

This black fan has five blades, each measuring 18 inches, sealed within a plain black casing. For your convenience and ease of use, the fan comes with a remote control, so you’ll be able to control functions such as speed levels from further away. This fan is simple in its design, so there’s the added benefit of it being easy to clean and assemble. You might be interested to note that the fan even has a programmable timer. You can set it to work for as long as you need, and it shuts off automatically after that set time, so you can have a cooling nap without worrying about over-consumption. The fan has also been listed by the ETL as being safe for use in the home, while the patented fused safety plug will prevent electrical-related accidents and injury.

Although reviewers concede that it’s not noiseless, they are prepared to give way as the fan is less noisy than other similar models. The plastic frame is durable and solid, as it is rust-resistant and well made. Many customers found the timer function very useful, and they liked having the remote control. On the other hand, reviewers reported that the front plastic grille kept coming off. There were also general concerns about the quality of the construction of the fan, as the stand did not feel stable at times. More importantly, the fan stopped working soon after purchase, according to some users.

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Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan

Adhering to a monochromatic scheme, this fan is available for purchase in either white or black. It is capable of cooling the whole room quietly yet powerfully. You could activate the oscillation function, which allows the blade casing to move from left to right. This fan comes with 5 different speed levels, so you can adjust the settings according to the amount of air circulation you require. In addition, you can also control the amount of noise being emitted, including background white noise. Much like the above model, this fan also comes with a shut-off timer, with 1,2,4, and 8-hours options. Since the height of the stand is adjustable, you can move the casing head up and down according to the location of the fan.

Customers found that assembly was a breeze, since all the components were included in the packaging, and the fan came with clear assembly instructions. Also, the fan worked really well to circulate air around the room. Reviewers also said that the fan was very quiet and effective. Unfortunately, this fan stopped working very quickly, which indicates low quality. In particular, it was the motor that tended to give out very soon.

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Rowenta VU5551 Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence 4-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan with Remote Control, 16-Inch, Bronze

This fan has a powerful turbo motor that combines optimum performance with silence and reliability. The propeller of the fan consists of five blades that have been expertly designed and constructed to offer powerful and quiet performance. There are 4 different speed levels, ranging from low to very high. You’ll be able to adjust the settings from far away, as this unit includes a remote control with purchase. The noise levels range from 40-57 decibels, which apparently is equal to that registered in a library. The fan height is also adjustable, from 42-54 inches. Thanks to the extra stable base, you won’t have to worry about the fan wobbling off balance as it oscillates.

Customers could sleep through warm nights with this fan, as it cools air effectively and consistently for long hours. Moreover, it is very quiet and stable. The oscillation also works well. Reviewers also noted that the fan is solid and feels sturdy once it was set up. However, a few customers received defective products that would not work, diminishing their experience. In one case, a user reported that parts of the fan started to rust after a few months.

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Buying the Best Pedestal Fan

Having considered the pros and cons of each model, consider the Rowenta VU5551 Oscillating Pedestal Fan because customers have indicated that it is a good purchase that offers value for money. The best pedestal fan should not only be well made and constructed, but should perform quietly and reliably wherever it is placed.

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