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Best Misting Fan Reviews

The best misting fan is a must-have in warm climates or on hot summer days. Unlike traditional fans, a misting fan is a special appliance that operates through evaporative cooling. The fan blows mist into the air, which then evaporates by absorbing heat from the outside air. In turn, this keeps most outdoor areas cool and fresh. If you’re planning to host outdoor parties, or even to lounge around in your patio, consider investing in one of these top rated misting fans.


What is the Best Misting Fan to Buy ?

NewAir AF-520 Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir AF-520 18-Inch Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

Proudly made in the USA, this misting fan has been designed and built to the highest standard. It features a fully adjustable fan head, and similarly, the pedestal height can be adjusted accordingly. The fan has three speed levels, so you can select low, medium, or high intensities depending on the temperature outside. To change the speed and other settings, the fan comes with accessible and simple push buttons on the front. Capable of cooling 500 square feet, this powerful model is well suited for large gardens and outdoor spaces. Featuring a simple yet durable outdoor design, this fan would be able to withstand the elements.

This fan was very well made and was easy to put together. More importantly, it performed very well. Once set up, the fan looked and felt durable and sturdy. The fan combines solid construction with effective air circulation and distribution. On top of that, it was quiet and reliable. In some cases, the fan expelled too much moisture, but nevertheless, reviews for this model were overwhelmingly positive.
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Holmes HPF1010A-NM Outdoor Misting Fan

Holmes HPF1010A-NM Outdoor Misting Fan

Use this fan whenever you’re having an outdoor BBQ party to keep yourself and your guests cool and comfortable. The fan’s misting kit can be attached to the faucet of any standard garden hose, so it gets its supply of water from there. The fan includes three powerful blades, and a good motor which together provide a constant refreshing breeze on warm days. Thanks to the weather-resistant coating, this fan should be durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor use. The added oscillation function means that the blades can be adjusted to swing from left to right, cooling down a wider area.

Reviewers agree that this model lowers the temperature noticeably, and is a great appliance to have outside. Moreover, the fan was lightweight and easy to carry or move around different parts of the garden. The hardware of the fan was also well made – users could leave it outside in the rain without worrying about damage or rust. There were problems with the misting system, however. Customers complained that the mist left everything around the fan wet, which was a real issue.

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Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

The unique design of this fan makes it looks less like a traditional fan and more like an outdoor power generator. It includes an in-line gfci cord with a 3-prong plug for your safety. The product requires little assembly, and you won’t need any tools to put it together. Furthermore, the misting fan is ETL listed, meaning that it has been certified as being safe for outdoor use. This powerful device is able to reduce temperatures by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will definitely notice the drop in the surrounding temperature.

Users noted that the fan was powerful and effective without being very loud. It was relatively light and portable, and could be used in large areas. This misting fan worked well to reduce temperatures. However, a significant drawback was the fact that the spray was too powerful. As a result, most things, such as chairs and furniture, got wet. In some cases, this prompted reviewers to return the item.

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Buying the Best Misting Fan

The NewAir AF-520 Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan lets you enjoy the outdoors while remaining cool and fresh. The best misting fan will strike the right balance by providing great air circulation while distributing the right amount of moisture around the area.

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    The Lasko 7050 is Junk. I bought it based on this article…..returned very next day.

    Basically whatever you put this on eg pavers or deck in or instance is going to get wet, not damp…..wet. Basically the nozzles are spraying out droplets FAR TOO BIG to be considered “mist” and if you turn down the water pressure……the water just dribbles and doesn’t spray at all.