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Best Floor Fan

The best floor fan is capable of circulating air effectively within a room, keeping the space cool and and fresh. Floor fans are usually more heavy-duty than other types of fans, so they are suitable for workshops and other areas beyond the home. There are different varieties of floor fans – the three models we have selected are all examples of a cyclone fan, which is a high-powered fan that is solidly constructed, with a head that can be turned around and directed at different areas of the room.


What is the Best Floor Fan to buy?

Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator, HT-908 Floor/Table Fan

Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator Floor/Table Fan, HT-908

This model is smaller than most other floor fans. The advantage of this is that it is small and light enough to be placed on a table, desk, or other elevated surface. The fan has been fitted with new blades featuring technology that renders operation that is 30% quieter than other comparable models. Even when this fan is used alongside air conditioning, you will be able to save up to 22% on your electricity bills, which could add up to substantial long-term savings. The fan has 3 speed levels, which you can control according to your preference. Since the casing is removable, all you have to do is to remove the front grille to clean the blades. Last but not least, this floor fan is powerful enough to generate air movement from 32 feet.

This fan works pretty well overall. It is efficient at circulating air around the whole room. One tip was to keep the air conditioning on briefly, then to use this fan to circulate the cold air generated. The fan was powerful even at the low setting, and was relatively quiet in its operation. Reviewers reported that their rooms felt significantly cooler after using the fan. Negative reviews concentrated on the quality of construction. The fan felt flimsy and poorly built. When it was propped on table especially, the fan was wobbly and not sturdy.

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Lasko 2265QM Max Performance High Velocity Floor Fan

Lasko 2265QM 20-Inch Max Performance High Velocity Floor/Wall mount fan, Silver

This silver fan has been designed as a floor fan, but it can also be installed in most windows. The fused three-prong safety plug has been patented and adapted for maximum safety, to prevent electricity-related accidents and injuries. Take note that some assembly will be required upon receiving the product. The fan stand comes with rubber pads at the base to protect the floor surface from scratches when the fan is moved around. To ensure that the fan remains portable, a comfortable carry handle has been included, so just pick the fan and move it around for use in the home or office.

Unlike the above model, customers mostly agreed that the fan is very well built. The entire metal frame felt and looked solid and sturdy. There was clear quality here. On top of that, the fan is incredibly powerful, even at the lowest setting. All the components arrived in good condition, and the fan was relatively easy to put together. A few customers clearly received defective products, but on the whole, this product was very well received among reviewers.

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MaxxAir HVFF Floor Fan

MaxxAir HVFF 20 High Velocity 20-Inch Floor Fan

This floor fan comes with three blades, each measuring 20 inches in length. Like most cyclone fans, this high velocity fan has an adjustable head that can be tilted at different angles. Not only can this fan operate at high-velocity levels, it is also energy efficient, thanks to the specially adapted motor. The whole frame of the fan is made of powder-coated steel, so this is a very durable and rust-resistant fan which is suited to heavy-duty use. Feel free to adjust the three-speed levels of the fan according to your needs. Since the fan comes with a long power cord, measuring 64 inches, it can be plugged and used in large spaces.

In terms of performance, this fan scored well. It was capable of circulating air in many rooms around the house simultaneously. Although it was relatively noisy, the noise levels were not unbearable, and was to be expected in a fan of this type. What was unexpected, however, was that the construction of the fan appeared to be of a lower standard than customers were hoping for. Also, the fan stopped working very soon after purchase, which was a turn-off for reviewers.

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Buying the Best Floor Fan

Whether for use in the home or the workplace, you can’t go wrong with the Lasko 2265QM Max Performance High Velocity Floor Fan. It is a powerful product that is durable and sturdy, safely within industrial levels. The best floor fan significantly improves indoor air circulation to help create and maintain a cool environment.

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