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Best Dorm Refrigerator

Having the best dorm refrigerator in his or her room can be a lifesaver for students. Dorm refrigerators are low-energy, compact refrigerators that help keep food and drinks cold. They are especially helpful for students who do not have access to kitchens in their college accommodation, or who simply prefer to have their own private stash of food and beverages. A dorm fridge should ideally be small, durable, and low maintenance, so students can come back to their room and enjoy a refreshing drink or snack. Here are three of the best dorm refrigerators:


What is the Best Dorm Refrigerator to Buy?

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

The first thing you’ll notice about this dorm fridge is the striking red color and the Coca Cola logo. Vibrant and attractive, this fridge would add to the minimalist decor of any student room. It has a capacity of 4 liters, which means that it can hold up to 6 cans of soda, each with a volume of 12 oz. Since this fridge can keep its contents at a temperature of up to 32 degrees beneath the ambient temperature, you’ll be sure that your drinks and snacks will be cold and fresh for you. The fridge features a recessed handle with self-locking capabilities. This not only ensures easy access, but guarantees that your drinks and food will be stored securely within the fridge without falling out accidentally. With measurements of 11 x 8 x 11 inches, this fridge has been designed and built to be compact, so it won’t take up much space in already-cramped student rooms.

This fun and small cooler works really well, according to most users. It is cute and appealing, especially to Coke enthusiasts. As such, it makes the perfect gift for students and Coke fans. Since it’s so small, it fits in bedrooms easily, without obstructing. This little fridge is also well made and feels solid and heavy. Meanwhile, reviewers agree that this fridge model keeps drinks cold reliably. On the other hand, many users reported that the fridge stopped working after an average period of 6 months, which was disappointing. Other customers also noticed that the fridge emitted a loud noise.
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Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact All-Refrigerator

Danby Designer DAR044A1BDD Compact All-Refrigerator

This sleek black fridge blends well with the simple furnishings of a dorm room. With a total capacity of 4.4 cubic inches, this fridge has a slightly larger volume than the above model. In terms of energy efficiency, the fridge has been certified by Energy Star, which means that it operates using less energy than a comparable model. Students will be pleased to hear that this could result in lower energy bills overall. The fridge includes wire shelves inside that help you organize the storage of food and drinks. The shelves also allow for maximum versatility when it comes to keeping things of various heights and sizes. Since the door is reversible, it can be adjusted to open from either the left or the right, depending on your preference and handedness.

What customers really liked about this model was the fact that it was so quiet, they hardly noticed it was in operation. On top of that, the fridge offered lots of storage options, making the most of its little size. There were little nooks and crannies that you could fit items in. More importantly, this fridge worked well to keep things at constantly low temperatures, so that food and drinks stayed fresh for longer. A number of reviewers received clearly defective products, but this does not negate the overwhelmingly positive review this model received from various customers.
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Nostalgia Electrics RRF325HNBLK Retro Series Compact Refrigerator Freezer

Nostalgia Electrics RRF325HNBLK Retro Series 3.1 Cubic Feet Compact Refrigerator Freezer

The main difference between this model and the other two is that it comes with a top freezer, so students can store classic staples like frozen peas and pizza. Most students will find the separate freezer compartment helpful for other items such as ice-cream. The deliberate retro style of the fridge adds a cool charm. Take note that its capacity of 3.1 cubic feet makes this fridge the smallest in terms of volume. However, it includes a fully adjustable thermostat, which allows you to store your food and drinks at just the right temperature. The fridge itself includes two removable shelves and a crisper box for fruits and vegetables. Hence despite its small size, you’ll definitely be able to organize your stuff neatly within this dorm fridge. Last but not least, this model includes a can dispenser, which can hold up to six beverage cans.

Customers were completely taken by the old-school charm of this fridge, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. The fridge worked well on the whole, keeping things cold and fresh. Reviewers were also pleased with the freezer, and they liked the fact that the fridge came with a top freezer in the first place. There were issues with performance, though. In particular, there were a few cases where the fridge stopped working after a few months.
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Buying the Best Dorm Refrigerator

All three models had pros and cons, but students will appreciate the charm and durability of the Nostalgia Electrics RRF325HNBLK Retro Series Compact Refrigerator Freezer. The best dorm refrigerator should be an effective little workhorse for students to ensure that they get cold food and drinks whenever they need.

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