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Best Attic Fan Reviews

The best attic fan is a powerful ventilation system which works to regulate the heat level in an attic by exhausting and circulating the hot air within. On a hot day, the attic can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. Due to principle that hot air rises, it is very likely that the warm air in a building will travel upwards into the attic, where it becomes trapped. Without being released outside, hot air can not only make the attic stuffy and unbearable, it might also damage items you have stored there, especially furniture. It is therefore advisable to purchase an attic fan if you live in areas where it’s prone to get hot. Here are three models you could look at:

What is the Best Attic Fan to Buy ?

Air Vent 54301 Whole-House Fan

Air Vent Inc. 24″ Whole House Fan 54301 Attic & Whole House Fans

Attic fans are also known as whole-house fans, as they effectively regulate the entire building’s internal temperature by expelling hot air. This fan has a diameter of 24 inches, which is pretty standard for most attic fans. This model can be mounted on the roof. It has three blades and looks very much like a window fan. The fan’s motor is operated by direct drive, which means that it has a thermostat which turns on and off automatically without requiring manual adjustment. Capable of 4500 CFM, this fan is moderately situated in terms of performance, suitable for the average-sized family home.

Most customers thought the fan wasn’t too difficult to install. Also, the fan did the job exactly as it advertised. It cooled down garages, attics and other home spaces effectively. People could even feel the strong draft being given out by the fan. Customers were also pleased with the quiet operation. On the other hand, the fan appears to be poorly constructed. Upon arrival, reviewers noted that the materials used were of poor quality, so much so that the vents and other parts were broken.
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Lasko 655704 Pivoting Blower Fan

Stanley 655704 Multi Purpose Pivoting Utility Fan

Unlike the other two fans on review, this blower fan can simply be placed on the floor and doesn’t need to be mounted. It is made in the USA, so every care and effort has been made to ensure quality. The fan features three different speed intensities, which can be adjusted conveniently. Since the fan comes with a rugged carry handle, it should be easy to move around to various parts of the attic, or indeed to any other space in the house. Therefore, the fan is very portable and easy to carry around. Once completely assembled, the fan has dimensions measuring 12.2inches x 9.62inches x 12.275inches, so it won’t take up much space in an attic. Since the fan has been ETL listed, it has been certified as being safe for use indoors in the home. The fan also includes a patented fused safety plug to prevent electricity-related accidents and injury. Additional safety features include a circuit-breaker with a re-set button in case of emergency. If you want to attach accessories to the fan, simply plug them into either one of the two 120 volt grounded outlets.

Customers were definitely in favour of recommending this product. Not only was it quiet, it was incredibly effective. The fan delivered powerful performance, as it was able to cool down the space within two hours. Even at the lowest setting, users felt that is was more powerful than other comparable models. Also, it looks and feels solid and well built, which just goes to show that the materials involved in the fan’s construction are of high quality. Reviewers appreciated the fact that they could tilt the fan to direct air to where they wanted. Very few users had negative reviews, and these were mostly related to having received a defective product. However, these incidents in no way detract from the outstanding performance and quality of this attic fan.

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NuTone 665RP Heat-a-Ventlite Exhaust Fan

NuTone 665RP Heat-A-Ventlite 70 CFM Exhaust Fan with 1300-Watt Heater and 100-Watt Incandescent Light

This exhaust fan is capable of operating at 70 CFM. Its dimensions are 5.625inches x 14.625 inches x 7.875 inches. The design and construction of the fan makes it best suited for window or ceiling installation in the attic. Where this fan stands out is its versatility, as it has a number of extra add-ons that prospective buyers might find appealing. For instance, it has a heater with a wattage of 1300 watts. During the winter months, this fan is capable of doubling up as a heater in the attic, making it a good purchase for both the winter and the summer. Meanwhile, the fan also comes with an incandescent light with 100 watts wattage. Even if you don’t want to rely on the fan as a primary light source, it’s great that it provides the option of extra lighting, or spare lighting in case the attic light bulb blows. When you purchase this attic fan, you’re also getting extra functions and features, which adds to the overall value of the item.

As predicted, most customers were pleased with the extra add-ons. More importantly, the add-ons were of good quality and performed as well as the primary function of the fan itself. The fan offered quiet and powerful performance in the home. The fan also looks well made using high-grade materials, and customers expect it to be durable and long-lasting. Having said that, a few users noted that this model was prone to breaking down. In some cases, the fan broke down only two months after purchase, which casts doubt as to the quality and performance of the product.

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Buying the Best Attic Fan

Of the three models on review here, the Lasko 655704 Pivoting Blower Fan emerges unscathed from negative reviews. As such, it comes highly recommended for the prospective buyer. The best attic fan is an important long-term investment, so feel free to consider a wide list of options before deciding on one.

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